Session 2: Wrap-Up

January 10, 2011 Comments Off on Session 2: Wrap-Up

Authorities Downplay Eurostar Mishap

St. Pancras

St. Pancras International

“…completely safe.” said spokeswoman Andrea Gallagher. “Something outside struck the train as it entered the station and managed to pierce the roof, but that was the extent of the damage. While the experience was traumatic to the passengers and staff on-board, there was never any danger. Safeguards worked and our evacuation procedures worked as intended.”

Several passengers who did not wish to be identified told this reporter that there must have been more to the story. “I saw someone with a gun, and there was definitely a gang involved.” said an elderly East Londoner returning from her leave in Nice. “It was like a movie, just a lot of yelling and people screaming.”

“The lights went out” said another. “A loud bang, lots of screaming, and I fell to the ground…”

Ms. Gallagher confirmed that Eurostar will refund its customers the price of their ticket and offer a complimentary voucher to be used anytime next year. “We hope to see them soon.”

St. Pancras

King's Cross

St. Pancras


St. Pancras

Platform 7


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